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Welcome at the Homepage of Hungarian Yamaha SRX Team

Dear Friends in all over the World ! First of all we greetings to every Yamaha SRX owner in the World (Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Japan, AUSTRALIA --- Hi Mike ! --- and all over the Galaxy)

We are the Hungarian Yamaha SRX owners and Yamaha SRX FANs. When I decided to make this site, the main reason was: there are no info about Yamaha SRX in Hungarian language. I made this site based in our language, however I translated some unique part of this site to english.

If you would like to know more about your new Yamaha SRX, please search the nearest website on your local language. You will find also a nice international sites, just two example www.srx600.net in english or the supersingle.free.fr  in france language.

I Kindly offer you this funny page (unfortunatelly this is only hungarian, but cool...):

If you would like to send me an email, just click on the on the top of the screen..
You can download our banners from here.

Contain of this website:


Based in Hungarian language. This chapter contains all technical data and history of the Yamaha SRX. There are four pages according to the type of Yamaha SRX.


Based in Hungarian language. This chapter contains all technical data and short history of the Yamaha SR 500.


Based in Hungarian language. This chapter contains the story of our team and of course all of our memeber with pictures from his/her bikes.


Based in Hungarian language. This chapter contains a lot of photos what we made on the hungarian meetings. There aren't just a pictures from Yamaha SRX. Enjoy our pictures.


Based in both language. This chapter contains service manuals and user manuals in downloaded format. I also translated my service experiences, what should be useful for the young bikers who don't know more about the bikes. The rest pages contains the address of hungarian garages, so these are not important to translate.


Based in Hungarian language. This chapter contains a lot of different information about Yamaha SRX like prices of used bikes in Hungary, articles from magazines and from the owners, titles, and funny things about Yamaha SRX.


Links about Yamaha SRX.


These section is the same as all forum in the world. If you would like, just try it: write your problem in english, should be you will get an answer. Good luck.

So, welcome again, and enjoy this site !


Set the resolution at least to 1024x768. This page was lounched in 2004.

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